Hope is a sure confidence that resides within. It does not exist in limbo, nor does it wait for miraculous intervention, rather it is the confident expectation that if one works diligently, following God's lead, what we are working towards eventually materializes. Hope is the anchor that keeps us grounded even after multiple failed attempts and the single driving force that says, "Yes" when the world says, "No." 

Stachelle Bussey, Founder

Our Mission

Making Hope Tangible 

The Hope Buss works to bridge the gap between churches and the community by attacking hopelessness at its core in a myriad of ways. Believing the church should be a neighborhood resource center, the Hope Buss strives to connect the church to the crisis in the community, create sustainable resources, and invigorate hope and strength into the people. Understanding that needs will vary by each neighborhood, we work with churches to assess the needs of their residents and become partners with the church and community organizations to meet those needs. At the Hope Buss, we strive to turn the needs of the community into strengths, believing that the work we begin will result in sustainable resources from which the community can eventually thrive with the ultimate goal of alleviating poverty. To date, The Hope Buss has hosted grocery store runs, health fairs, community conversations on mental health, mental health conferences, and church growth workshops.

Our primary goal is to make hope tangible by:

Equipping the Church

Enlisting Hope Dealers

Establishing partnerships

Empowering the people

Hope Buss In The News!

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